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Specializing in Pig Roasts & Catering

We specialize in pig roasts. Before the cooking process begins, the pig is rubbed with our own blend of aromatic spices, and stuffed with whatever a client has chosen, which may be anything from pineapples to garlic. The pig roasting process is low and slow; 200° to 220° F, at the rate of one hour per each 10 lbs of live weight. This results in a beautiful “show quality” patina, and delectably juicy, intensely flavorful pork.

The roasting pig will be transported to your site in one of our custom roasters and displayed before the pork is pulled with an apple in its mouth. Your guests can enjoy the enticing aroma as the pig is being pulled down, and watch the meat fall right off the bones. Then we add our signature seasoning and the result is the greatest tasting pork you will ever eat.

With a pig roast, we can do a fully catered roasted pig party or, if you prefer only the pig, we can prep and roast the pig and deliver it to your event site. If you just want pulled pork or pork BBQ without the experience of a whole roasting pig, we can deliver or you can pick it up.

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