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Specializing in Pig Roasts & Catering

Tim’s Smoked Products has but one goal: to prepare and serve the best quality food possible, while maintaining the utmost respect for nature’s gifts to us.

  • Our livestock is raised by an innovative and state of the arts farm in Berks County, Pennsylvania.
  • Our bread is furnished by the family owned ATV Bakery in Reading, PA, which has been producing quality breads since 1941.
  • Our produce is organically grown by local Mennonite families.
  • Our tools and equipment are completely custom. They have been engineered and built from the finest materials, and all are one of a kind, geared toward our specific needs.

We specialize in pig roasts. Before the cooking process begins, the pig is rubbed with our own blend of aromatic spices, and stuffed with whatever a client has chosen, which may be anything from pineapples to garlic. The roasting process is low and slow; 200° to 220° F, at the rate of one hour per each 10 lbs of live weight. This results in a beautiful “show quality” patina, and delectably juicy, intensely flavorful pork.

Just because our pig roasts have been perfected, and are so well known, does not mean that we only do pig roasts! We offer a complete line of catering with a wide variety of meats and dishes. We also package our dry rub, and our special BBQ sauce for sale to the general public.

We strive to make each and every customer’s experience a memorable one, whether it be a sandwich sale at a festival, a small birthday party, or a 500 guest wedding. Dealing with Tim’s Smoked Products for your culinary needs is not only an opportunity to feast on nature’s bounty, but an interesting, creative, fun filled, environmentally responsible, and eventful way of doing so.

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EMAIL: timsbbq@yahoo.com
A Kiss for Luck!

Pulled Pork Sandwich & Tim's Bar-B-Q Rub

Tim Basting Large Whole Front Pork Shoulders